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What Is The Longest You Can Rent A Car?


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The answer to this varies, as many dealers offer different car rental terms ranging from as little as twenty-eight days, to monthly or even annual rental terms. 

If you are wondering what is the longest you can rent a car and how you can go about renting it, then this article has all the information you need to know before you decide about long-term car rentals.

Renting the right car to make sure that your business or personal commuting goes smoothly is the first step for an easy and comfortable journey. Since there is no specific car that is ideal for everything, choosing the one that fits your needs and caters to your travel demands is key to securing a good vehicle with your car rental service. 

There are many car rental options out there, but RAM Automotive provides you with the best selection of cars to ensure safe and relaxed journeys at affordable prices.


What to Know About Long-Term Car Rentals

Every car agency has different packages and policies about renting their cars but generally. RAM Automotive for example provides long-term car rental options that can range from three to eighteen months, depending on your needs. 

There are multiple factors to consider before you make this decision. There are many advantages of long-term car rental vs leasing a vehicle. These include:

  • Lower Monthly Payments: If you rent a vehicle for more than a month, it is easier for you to negotiate a deal of lower monthly payments.
  • More Miles to Drive: When you lease a car, lease agreements tend to limit the number of miles you can put on the vehicle. But when you have a long-term car rental, the dealership should make allowance for a higher number of miles that you can put on the vehicle. 
  • High Overall Cost: Even if you can negotiate lower monthly payments on the long-term car rental, you are bound to pay a larger amount for the vehicle, overall when leasing. This is because when leasing, you own the vehicle and are able to buy it at the end of the lease term. 
  • Improve Your Credit: The more time you spend making your rental payments on time, the better your credit score will be by the end of your rental agreement. Extending out your lease for a year or two can benefit you in getting a better interest rate as well. 
  • Wear and Tear Penalties: At the end of a vehicle lease, the dealership expects you to return the car in good condition. The longer you have the car, the greater the risk of you damaging it. This will result in you paying penalties in case of damage, whereas a car rental is not as strict. 
  • Mileage Fees: If you go over the mileage limit in a vehicle lease, it will result in paying for the extra miles. 


Can You Rent a Car Long-Term?

Yes, you can rent a car long-term. The long-term rental period is determined by the car rental services and typically ranges from three to eighteen months. This period can be extended at the end of your lease if that is what you want. 


What is the Average Car Rental Duration?

According to a survey, on average, the people in America tend to rent cars for the longest period of approximately 10.1 days per rental, whereas, the French rent it for the shortest average period of just 6.5 days. 

The British are in the middle, with an average rental period of 7.3 days; only 0.2 days lower than the universal average. 

If we talk about the longest rentals, South Africa is at the top of the list with an average renting period of 10.2 days, and Ireland is at the bottom with just 5.3 days. 

Another study showed that big family cars such as SUV rentals were the most rented cars with the longest average of 8.7 days while vintage cars like Mustang were rented out by people for a day or two just for the experience. 


What is the Longest Time You Can Rent a Car For?

The maximum length of time you can rent a car for in the UK is 90 days.

Once your rental ends you have the option of either renewing it or ending the agreement to get a newer car. RAM Automotive offers you a three to the eighteen-month lease contract and takes care of the renewals in between. We also offer flexible ways for you to end your agreement, which include:

  • Transfer to a new vehicle and get a new contract in place.
  • Arrange for us to extend your lease on the existing vehicle.
  • Upgrade or downgrade your vehicle.
  • Simply turn in your vehicle


RAM Automotive Can Save You Money on Long Term Car Rental

Long-term car rentals are great if you need to save money and are looking into options where you do not have to buy the vehicle. If you work in a business that requires a lot of travel, then renting a car is the best option. 

You get access to newer car models with upgraded safety and luxury features and have the option to rent it for three months to eighteen months, with the option of extending your long-term car rental or ending it.

RAM Automotive offers you a variety of vehicles and strives to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. We have competitive pricing so chances are that you will find the right deal for you. We also offer other services, which include:

  • Low upfront payments.
  • Fixed monthly rental rates.
  • Diverse vehicle variety.
  • Nationwide Delivery.
  • Choice of the vehicle to suit your pocket.
  • Road fund license, breakdown coverage, and manufacturer’s warranty.


What is the Longest You Can Keep a Rental Car?

The answer to what is the longest you can rent a car is dependent on the dealership. Multiple dealerships provide the option of long-term car rental service but the period varies. Generally, the longest time for car rental is from three to eighteen months and in some cases three to four years. 


Can 80-Year-Old people Rent a Car?

The average age restriction on renting a vehicle in the United Kingdom starts at 70 – 75 years of age. Different countries have different rules when it comes to car rental services and while there is no maximum age limit in the US, this is different in the UK. 

If you are still confused about whether you can rent a car in the UK if you are eighty years old, contact RAM Automotive for the answers to all your questions and complete guidance on car rental services. 


Final Word

Choosing to buy a car or rent it for the long-term can be a big decision to make and requires you to know the pros and cons of both for you to choose wisely. RAM Automotive provides you with great long-term car rental deals with a huge variety of cars for you to choose from. We are one of the best car renting dealerships in the UK and put customer satisfaction first.

For any further queries call us at 01442 793 124 or visit our website www.ramautomotive.co.uk