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Nationwide Car Leasing

Whether it’s for your business needs or a family road trip, a car that meets all your requirements is the one you want. Buying the perfect vehicle or renting one comes down to your priorities, however, the benefit of renting a car comes with the option of getting a good vehicle whether or not you have the money. So, leasing a car for business or road trips is ultimately the smarter option.

When you lease a vehicle, you are renting it for a specified period. This renting period ranges anywhere from one month to three years and can even be extended further. Once your leasing period ends, you have the option to return the car or to extend your lease if that is what you want. Most companies offer hassle-free extensions on your previous leasing contracts, however, some may have more rigid rules.

Leasing a vehicle is better than buying one because there is no upfront payment required. When you lease a car, you can enjoy the benefits of driving a new car after every few months and don’t have to worry about the resale value of the car once you are done using it. 

If you are leasing a car for business or personal use like road trips, you might want to look into dealerships that offer nationwide car leasing. Nationwide car leasing is a great way for you to lease a vehicle for intercity travel whether it is for business or pleasure. There is a greater number of miles allowed in nationwide car leasing contracts which is convenient for the leasers. 


Nationwide Car Leasing or Long Term Car Rental – RAM Automotive

If you have any long-term travel plans or need a business vehicle, a long-term car rental from RAM Automotive can be the ideal solution. With long-term car rentals, you are given a greater number of miles to cover without paying for any of the servicing or maintenance costs. With RAM Automotive, the company covers the costs of servicing, maintenance, and repairs that may be required.

Nationwide car leasing gives you all the benefits of long-term car leasing and none of the drawbacks. It provides you with the opportunity to use a variety of vehicles and gives you the option to change it if needed or desired.

Long-term car rentals can also help you decide which car you want to invest in if you ever consider buying one. It lets you rent exquisite cars for your road trips and vacations that you would never consider buying, which is a bonus for car enthusiasts. 

If you are interested in a vehicle after long-term car rental, you can also put in an offer at the car dealership and purchase the car through a lease-purchase. 


What Is Lease Purchase?

Lease purchase is also commonly known as Conditional Sale. It is ideal for people who want to own the vehicle they have leased. There are low monthly installments in lease purchase and one final payment for you to legally own the car. It is one of the most affordable ways to procure a car of your desire with minimum monthly payments that are stretched over a longer period. 


How Does Lease Purchase Work?

In lease purchase, you pay cash or exchange your previous vehicle, or more often than not, use a combination of both to secure a deposit. After signing the credit agreement, you will have to pay for it in monthly payments over a specified period of typically three to five years.

Unlike traditional leasing, there are no mileage restrictions, servicing requirements, or any other additional charges during lease purchase, as the client will eventually own the vehicle. Similarly, at the end of the agreement, the client won’t be presented with the “purchase fee” option since they don’t have the option of handing back the car. 

Lease-Purchase is only suitable for people who are 100% sure about owning the vehicle they have leased. There is no return or the option to exchange the vehicle after you have signed the lease-purchase deal. 


Final Lump Sum Repayment

At the end of your lease-purchase agreement, you are required to pay the amount to own the vehicle, this is called the final lump sum repayment. The final lump sum repayment is calculated by estimating the future value of the vehicle, which means whatever the car will be worth when the contract ends, is what it will cost you.

  • What Is the Best Car Lease Deal in the UK?

Car leasing is one of the most affordable ways to drive around in your favourite cars without the pressure of buying them. Different dealerships offer different deals on car rentals but some of the best new car leasing deals available right now are:

  • Audi Q5 Sportback for £529 per month
  • BMW 118i M for £460 per month
  • Volvo V60 Sportswagon for £440 per month
  • Toyota C-HR Hatchback 2.0 for £485 per month
  • Volvo V90 Estate 2.0 for £649 per month

All these great deals, and more, are available at RAM Automotive. We provide you with the best cars and the best car leasing deals in all of the UK.

  • Are Nationwide Vehicle Contracts Any Good?

Yes, nationwide vehicle contracts are good. According to several reviews, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts are great for leasing vehicles. Many people have claimed them to be the best in the UK and almost all of them have used them multiple times. One of the clients said, 

“Second time round using Nationwide, Lola has been really helpful for the past 4 years and will continue to use Nationwide. A great company with really friendly staff!”

  • Who Owns Nationwide Vehicle Contracts?

The Nationwide Vehicle Contracts is owned by David Johnson and was established in 2002 by him and his co-directors. 

If you have any orders or queries, feel free to contact RAM Automotive. We aim to provide our clients with a professional and stress-free experience and will ensure that the process goes by smoothly for them.