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Nationwide Car Leasing

Whether it’s for your business needs or a family road trip, a car that meets all your requirements is the one you want. Buying the perfect vehicle or renting one comes down to your priorities, however, the benefit of renting a car comes with the option of getting a good vehicle whether or not you have the money. So, leasing a car for business or road trips is ultimately the smarter option.

When you lease a vehicle, you are renting it for a specified period. This renting period ranges anywhere from one month to three years and can even be extended further. Once your leasing period ends, you have the option to return the car or to extend your lease if that is what you want. Most companies offer hassle-free extensions on your previous leasing contracts, however, some may have more rigid rules.

Leasing a vehicle is better than buying one because there is no upfront payment required. When you lease a car, you can enjoy the benefits of driving a new car after every few months and don’t have to worry about the resale value of the car once you are done using it. 

If you are leasing a car for business or personal use like road trips, you might want to look into dealerships that offer nationwide car leasing. Nationwide car leasing is a great way for you to lease a vehicle for intercity travel whether it is for business or pleasure. There is a greater number of miles allowed in nationwide car leasing contracts which is convenient for the leasers. 


Nationwide Car Leasing or Long Term Car Rental – RAM Automotive

If you have any long-term travel plans or need a business vehicle, a long-term car rental from RAM Automotive can be the ideal solution. With long-term car rentals, you are given a greater number of miles to cover without paying for any of the servicing or maintenance costs. With RAM Automotive, the company covers the costs of servicing, maintenance, and repairs that may be required.

Nationwide car leasing gives you all the benefits of long-term car leasing and none of the drawbacks. It provides you with the opportunity to use a variety of vehicles and gives you the option to change it if needed or desired.

Long-term car rentals can also help you decide which car you want to invest in if you ever consider buying one. It lets you rent exquisite cars for your road trips and vacations that you would never consider buying, which is a bonus for car enthusiasts. 

If you are interested in a vehicle after long-term car rental, you can also put in an offer at the car dealership and purchase the car through a lease-purchase. 


What Is Lease Purchase?

Lease purchase is also commonly known as Conditional Sale. It is ideal for people who want to own the vehicle they have leased. There are low monthly installments in lease purchase and one final payment for you to legally own the car. It is one of the most affordable ways to procure a car of your desire with minimum monthly payments that are stretched over a longer period. 


How Does Lease Purchase Work?

In lease purchase, you pay cash or exchange your previous vehicle, or more often than not, use a combination of both to secure a deposit. After signing the credit agreement, you will have to pay for it in monthly payments over a specified period of typically three to five years.

Unlike traditional leasing, there are no mileage restrictions, servicing requirements, or any other additional charges during lease purchase, as the client will eventually own the vehicle. Similarly, at the end of the agreement, the client won’t be presented with the “purchase fee” option since they don’t have the option of handing back the car. 

Lease-Purchase is only suitable for people who are 100% sure about owning the vehicle they have leased. There is no return or the option to exchange the vehicle after you have signed the lease-purchase deal. 


Final Lump Sum Repayment

At the end of your lease-purchase agreement, you are required to pay the amount to own the vehicle, this is called the final lump sum repayment. The final lump sum repayment is calculated by estimating the future value of the vehicle, which means whatever the car will be worth when the contract ends, is what it will cost you.

  • What Is the Best Car Lease Deal in the UK?

Car leasing is one of the most affordable ways to drive around in your favourite cars without the pressure of buying them. Different dealerships offer different deals on car rentals but some of the best new car leasing deals available right now are:

  • Audi Q5 Sportback for £529 per month
  • BMW 118i M for £460 per month
  • Volvo V60 Sportswagon for £440 per month
  • Toyota C-HR Hatchback 2.0 for £485 per month
  • Volvo V90 Estate 2.0 for £649 per month

All these great deals, and more, are available at RAM Automotive. We provide you with the best cars and the best car leasing deals in all of the UK.

  • Are Nationwide Vehicle Contracts Any Good?

Yes, nationwide vehicle contracts are good. According to several reviews, Nationwide Vehicle Contracts are great for leasing vehicles. Many people have claimed them to be the best in the UK and almost all of them have used them multiple times. One of the clients said, 

“Second time round using Nationwide, Lola has been really helpful for the past 4 years and will continue to use Nationwide. A great company with really friendly staff!”

  • Who Owns Nationwide Vehicle Contracts?

The Nationwide Vehicle Contracts is owned by David Johnson and was established in 2002 by him and his co-directors. 

If you have any orders or queries, feel free to contact RAM Automotive. We aim to provide our clients with a professional and stress-free experience and will ensure that the process goes by smoothly for them. 

All You Need to Know About the Advantages of Long Term Car Hire in the UK

Whether you are looking to get a vehicle for a one-time trip or one for a cross-country tour, worrying about the demands, wear and tear and competitive process is in the past. Since purchasing a car for a specific use is not a viable idea, getting a long-term car rental is the solution you are looking for. A long-term car rental can help you get the vehicle you need, quickly, efficiently, and with beneficial deals you cannot get when buying a car.

Being such a convenient service that addresses all your commute issues, one would imagine that it might come at a price, but that’s just not true. If you are to weigh the pros and cons of a long-term rental, the advantages of long-term car hire can easily outweigh the drawbacks.

Therefore, whichever situation has gotten you into worrying about getting on the road, it’s time for you to sit tight and head for a rental car for as long as you require. Renting a car for the long-term is an efficient and low-cost way to choose your vehicle from a variety of cars, so you can find one that fits your demands.

Read further as we discuss the advantages of long-term car hire and how you can benefit from it in the UK.


What is Long-term Car Hire and How Long Does it Last?

Before we dive deeper into the list of benefits, we need to shed some light on the idea of long-term car hire and how long you can rent a car for.

The difference between renting a car and leasing a car is simple. You can rent a car for a short amount of time, which fits your needs better if you need it for a month or two, while leasing is applied to a contract that can last up to three years, though three or eighteen-month contracts are available, too.

Whether you need it for business purposes or a long family trip, you can rent a car on a monthly and yearly basis easily in the UK. Since the contracts are flexible, you get the chance to extend the contract even further if you want the vehicle for a longer time.

However, this raises the question of how long can we rent a car. The answer to that depends on the company and the mileage restrictions set in their policy. For example, if you’re leasing a car for a shorter term, you might face certain mileage restrictions when it comes to extending the contract. However, in case you are renting a car, you can extend the contract as many times as you want as most services don’t have mileage restrictions.

If you’ve ever rented a car even for a few days, you would know almost everything concerned with renting a car and how the deal works.


The Advantages of Long-term Car Hire

Though there are numerous ways for you to benefit from it, we have listed the most impactful advantages of long-term car hire:

The Better Option for Your Finances 

Through long-term car hire, you can avoid spending a small fortune on buying a car, have a sense of ownership on the vehicle, the freedom to upgrade the vehicle when you wish, evade the costs of maintenance and depreciation, and have control over your contract. These are a few among the many advantages of long-term car hire.

Financially, a great advantage to renting for long-term is the affordability and the chance of saving in the long run, regardless of whether the vehicle is for yourself or a company’s fleet. When it comes to a business, however, you can also have control over vehicle use and this could lead to improved cash flow.

In addition to this, numerous rental services offer business deals and special packages that would be even more affordable in the long run. Going for such deals can save you the budgeting hassle a purchase or lease would bring. Since the monthly cost is fixed, you wouldn’t have to worry about any additional costs emerging later and can easily plan the yearly budget for your commute.


Ideal for both Small and Large Businesses

Regardless of how new or settled your business is, long-term car hire is an effective and affordable choice for you. This is especially beneficial for new startups who do not yet own their fleet. Going for the rental option is helpful as your business develops over time. It will save you the cost of purchasing and the worry of an underutilised fleet.


A Wider Variety of Vehicles and Freedom of Choice

If you plan on cruising in the car of your dreams but can’t afford to purchase it, you don’t have to wait to drive your dream car, since all you need is a good car rental company. There is a vast range of the latest vehicles offered by most rental companies in the UK, which offers limitless choices and lets you rent the car you wish to drive.

Having said that, another among several advantages of a long-term car hire is that you’re free to upgrade your vehicle. Over time, you might find yourself in a situation where you wish to trade in your rented vehicle for an upgraded model. In that case, the rental companies don’t lock you with a specific car, and you can always opt for an upgrade that fits your demands.


The Contract with Flexibility

If you’re a part of a company that requires cars temporarily for unseasonal work or special occasions, long-term car hire is the best option for you. The flexibility offered in the deals will let you get a car whenever you need it. Though certain situations and requirements change over time, and alterations to the contract need to be made; this is easily done with a good dealership. This is why the long-term car hire contract has the flexibility to suit your needs.


No Worries about Vehicle Depreciation or Loss of Value

Another major advantage of a long-term car hire is that if you’re renting a vehicle for a prolonged time, you do not have to worry about any depreciation and loss of value. In most cases, after purchasing a vehicle, you lose the money you spend on your original purchase once you sell it off. However, once you decide to hire a car for a set time, you only have to pay for the vehicle and its fuel, while any concern regarding the vehicle’s value falls on the rental company.


Fleet Management System

Getting your hands on a fleet management system is one of the advantages of long-term car hire that can be helpful for you, especially if you are a business owner. Apart from the generous deals offered to businesses by car rental dealerships, you can also keep track of the drivers and the vehicle, manage the fuel and maintenance schedule, communicate for dispatch and reroutes, and take care of all the aspects that come with managing a fleet system.

Through this, you can ensure the smooth operating of all the vehicles with reports and analyses that highlight any trouble. This could also benefit you in budgeting and maintaining an up-to-date fleet for your company.


Support and Guidance

When you go to a rental company in the UK, you can expect all kinds of support and guidance from them. You will be informed about the offers, the rental procedure, the agreements, and suggestions so it will become simple for you to make a better and more knowledgeable choice. 

However, it is expected for a service to be supportive when you’re dealing with them, and these services will offer you guidance throughout the term of your contract. This means you can discuss any sort of problems with them for free and receive effective assistance from the beginning of the contract to the moment you return the vehicle.


Stability and Peace of Mind

Although we’ve listed the best advantages of long-term car hire in the UK, the stability and peace of mind that a company is one of the key incentives for hiring a rental car. Your commute becomes relatively easier, and your finances stay secure as they are no unnecessary expenses. 

There is less to worry about the state of the car and achievable benefits to think about. There aren’t many obligations in a long-term agreement and since it is flexible and you won’t bear penalties should you choose to change it. You can enjoy and use your car for as long as your deal lasts without worrying about it.


How Else Can You Benefit?

Apart from the aforementioned advantages of long-term car hire, there are a few other ways that car rentals are beneficial. Firstly, when you rent a car, you can expect to go through proper management and administrative paperwork that is deemed necessary. Secondly, once you’ve finalised the deal, you can expect the vehicle to be delivered to you, and then picked up upon the end of the contract. Lastly, while you’re driving the vehicle, you’ll be offered full management from beginning to end and regular service for your car.

Considering this, The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has led a Europe-wide project, facilitated by the European Commission and involving member state consumer protection authorities. This resulted in five leading EU car rental companies committing to improving the way they deal with their customers. [1]


The Disadvantages of Long-term Car Hire

Overshadowed by such remarkable advantages of long-term car hire, there are a few drawbacks for long-term car hire. For instance, if you have an unfavourable credit history, you can face a little bit of trouble regarding the costs. The overall price and rent can shoot up with adverse credit. 

Furthermore, you have to be careful about choosing the right company when you sign the final agreement. Some services might charge you with a penalty for early cancellation, so read the contract very carefully. 

In addition to this, you must also pay attention to the type of vehicle you’re renting. In certain cases, they might suggest a used car, at a lower cost, so make it clear you want a new one right from the start.


Are Long-term Car Rentals Worth It?

Yes, long-term car rentals are worth it. The pricing and benefits offered are remarkable and better than purchasing a car for that time. In some cases, the company can offer you insurance too.

Is It Cheaper To Rent A Car Long-term?

Renting a car long-term is comparatively cheaper than short-term rentals and purchasing. Since most companies offer discounted rates and special deals, you can avail of them to get an affordable vehicle for your required amount of time. Being an inexpensive option is just one of the many advantages of long-term car hire.

What Happens If You Keep A Rental Car Too Long?

If you’re in a situation where you couldn’t return a rental car on time, the service will overcharge you for the extra days you kept the vehicle. However, if you keep it for a prolonged time, they might take drastic measures to reclaim their property.

What Are The Advantages Of Renting A Car?

Renting a car is a budget-friendly option if you need a vehicle temporarily and do not want to purchase one. You’ll be offered a wide variety of cars, affordable plans, flexibility on the agreement, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the repairs and loss of value through depreciation. In a nutshell, there are numerous advantages of long-term car hire.


The Bottom Line

As we’ve established, a long-term car service will benefit you more and bring financial comfort more than any other option, such as purchasing or leasing in the long term. It will benefit your finances, offer noteworthy advantages, and will leave you satisfied with your newly acquired car.

You can find a huge number of services that will offer you long-term car rental plans in the UK, and some may have some discounted deals waiting for you. But regardless of the reason behind your temporary need, renting a car is mostly beneficial. By weighing both the pros and cons of a long-term rental service yourself, you can easily conclude and decide what’s best for you.



  1. Gov.uk Car Rental Customers are set to drive off with better deals.

What Is The Longest You Can Rent A Car?

The answer to this varies, as many dealers offer different car rental terms ranging from as little as twenty-eight days, to monthly or even annual rental terms. 

If you are wondering what is the longest you can rent a car and how you can go about renting it, then this article has all the information you need to know before you decide about long-term car rentals.

Renting the right car to make sure that your business or personal commuting goes smoothly is the first step for an easy and comfortable journey. Since there is no specific car that is ideal for everything, choosing the one that fits your needs and caters to your travel demands is key to securing a good vehicle with your car rental service. 

There are many car rental options out there, but RAM Automotive provides you with the best selection of cars to ensure safe and relaxed journeys at affordable prices.


What to Know About Long-Term Car Rentals

Every car agency has different packages and policies about renting their cars but generally. RAM Automotive for example provides long-term car rental options that can range from three to eighteen months, depending on your needs. 

There are multiple factors to consider before you make this decision. There are many advantages of long-term car rental vs leasing a vehicle. These include:

  • Lower Monthly Payments: If you rent a vehicle for more than a month, it is easier for you to negotiate a deal of lower monthly payments.
  • More Miles to Drive: When you lease a car, lease agreements tend to limit the number of miles you can put on the vehicle. But when you have a long-term car rental, the dealership should make allowance for a higher number of miles that you can put on the vehicle. 
  • High Overall Cost: Even if you can negotiate lower monthly payments on the long-term car rental, you are bound to pay a larger amount for the vehicle, overall when leasing. This is because when leasing, you own the vehicle and are able to buy it at the end of the lease term. 
  • Improve Your Credit: The more time you spend making your rental payments on time, the better your credit score will be by the end of your rental agreement. Extending out your lease for a year or two can benefit you in getting a better interest rate as well. 
  • Wear and Tear Penalties: At the end of a vehicle lease, the dealership expects you to return the car in good condition. The longer you have the car, the greater the risk of you damaging it. This will result in you paying penalties in case of damage, whereas a car rental is not as strict. 
  • Mileage Fees: If you go over the mileage limit in a vehicle lease, it will result in paying for the extra miles. 


Can You Rent a Car Long-Term?

Yes, you can rent a car long-term. The long-term rental period is determined by the car rental services and typically ranges from three to eighteen months. This period can be extended at the end of your lease if that is what you want. 


What is the Average Car Rental Duration?

According to a survey, on average, the people in America tend to rent cars for the longest period of approximately 10.1 days per rental, whereas, the French rent it for the shortest average period of just 6.5 days. 

The British are in the middle, with an average rental period of 7.3 days; only 0.2 days lower than the universal average. 

If we talk about the longest rentals, South Africa is at the top of the list with an average renting period of 10.2 days, and Ireland is at the bottom with just 5.3 days. 

Another study showed that big family cars such as SUV rentals were the most rented cars with the longest average of 8.7 days while vintage cars like Mustang were rented out by people for a day or two just for the experience. 


What is the Longest Time You Can Rent a Car For?

The maximum length of time you can rent a car for in the UK is 90 days.

Once your rental ends you have the option of either renewing it or ending the agreement to get a newer car. RAM Automotive offers you a three to the eighteen-month lease contract and takes care of the renewals in between. We also offer flexible ways for you to end your agreement, which include:

  • Transfer to a new vehicle and get a new contract in place.
  • Arrange for us to extend your lease on the existing vehicle.
  • Upgrade or downgrade your vehicle.
  • Simply turn in your vehicle


RAM Automotive Can Save You Money on Long Term Car Rental

Long-term car rentals are great if you need to save money and are looking into options where you do not have to buy the vehicle. If you work in a business that requires a lot of travel, then renting a car is the best option. 

You get access to newer car models with upgraded safety and luxury features and have the option to rent it for three months to eighteen months, with the option of extending your long-term car rental or ending it.

RAM Automotive offers you a variety of vehicles and strives to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. We have competitive pricing so chances are that you will find the right deal for you. We also offer other services, which include:

  • Low upfront payments.
  • Fixed monthly rental rates.
  • Diverse vehicle variety.
  • Nationwide Delivery.
  • Choice of the vehicle to suit your pocket.
  • Road fund license, breakdown coverage, and manufacturer’s warranty.


What is the Longest You Can Keep a Rental Car?

The answer to what is the longest you can rent a car is dependent on the dealership. Multiple dealerships provide the option of long-term car rental service but the period varies. Generally, the longest time for car rental is from three to eighteen months and in some cases three to four years. 


Can 80-Year-Old people Rent a Car?

The average age restriction on renting a vehicle in the United Kingdom starts at 70 – 75 years of age. Different countries have different rules when it comes to car rental services and while there is no maximum age limit in the US, this is different in the UK. 

If you are still confused about whether you can rent a car in the UK if you are eighty years old, contact RAM Automotive for the answers to all your questions and complete guidance on car rental services. 


Final Word

Choosing to buy a car or rent it for the long-term can be a big decision to make and requires you to know the pros and cons of both for you to choose wisely. RAM Automotive provides you with great long-term car rental deals with a huge variety of cars for you to choose from. We are one of the best car renting dealerships in the UK and put customer satisfaction first.

For any further queries call us at 01442 793 124 or visit our website www.ramautomotive.co.uk



What Is The Shortest Term To Lease A Car In UK?

What Is Short-Term Car Leasing?

Short-term car leasing is similar to various other kinds of leasing available in the market, where you come to an agreement with a car dealership or a leasing company. You choose a vehicle that fits your preference and after you’re satisfied, draft up a rental agreement with the chosen company and lease a car for a defined period of time. Short-term car leasing usually consists of a period of two to five years.

The answer to the question ‘what is the shortest term to lease a car?’ is that most short-term contracts are signed for 24 months and can go up to 5+ years, however, the correct terminology is long-term car rental when it is under 24 months. 

At the end of this term, you can choose to return the car and upgrade to another model, keep the car and extend the rental for another month, or simply return the car, undamaged.

There are a lot of reasons for short-term car leasing to be popular among the public. Many people choose to avail this service because their car is either in need of repair, they might have travelled from another city and require a car for travel, they might have to transfer for a job opportunity or they might just be between selling and buying a car. 

Whatever the reason, the perfect solution for sudden and short term transport requirements can be a short term car lease.


Can I Rent A Car For One Month?

Yes, you can rent a car for one month from a dedicated long-term car rental company like RAM Automotive. One-month car rental can not be done through a traditional leasing company.


Can I Rent A Car For 12 Or 24 Months?

Yes, you can rent a car for both 12 and 24 months from a long-term car rental company. RAM Automotive offers a variety of rental terms on all of our vehicles. It is also possible to lease a car for typically 24 months or more.

Benefits of Short-Term Car Leasing and Long-Term Hire

There are many benefits of short-term car leasing since it provides you with the ideal time frame to lease/rent a car. Additional benefits include:

  • Choosing a short-term car lease means that you get to enjoy and upgrade your car models often without fully committing to one car. You will be able to use newer car technologies, features, and better safety standards. 
  • Through short-term leasing, you could test drive a car before you commit to buying it.
  • It is great for companies so their employees can have a company car for a limited period until they become full-time workers. 
  • Short-term car leasing is cheaper than daily car hires.
  • There is a fixed monthly price so you will be aware beforehand how much you have to pay and it will help you with budgeting. 
  • It is faster to get a turnabout on short-term leasing if you are choosing a car that is in stock. It usually takes less than two weeks.
  • The contract price of the short-term lease often includes the road tax, breakdown, and manufacture warranty.
  • The car maintenance cost is lower because in a sense the vehicles you will be renting will be brand new and will not require much upkeep or repairs. 


Much like short-term leasing, long-term leasing also has its benefits: 

  • There is more variety available for long-term renting. 
  • The contract terms are flexible which means that if your circumstances change in the middle of the rental duration, you can simply return the car after paying a small penalty for breaking the contract. 
  • With long-term car rentals you don’t have to worry about depreciation costs, you only pay for fuel and the use of the vehicle.


Short Term Car Leasing is for you if:

  1. You are looking to try a car out before you buy it to get a full user experience.
  2. You want to lease a car for an emergency.
  3. You want a car while you are in another city.
  4. You want to pay less than daily rentals.
  5. The car you bought is taking a long time to arrive and you want something to get you around for a short while.


What Is The Shortest Term To Lease A Car?

The shortest term to lease a car differs primarily from company to company but most companies start their leasing from two years. 


Can I Rent A Car For One Month?

Yes, you can rent a car for one month from a dedicated long-term car rental company like RAM Automotive. One-month car rental can not be done through a traditional leasing company.


Do Short-Term Car Leases Exist?

The shortest term to lease a car is available for two years, but numerous companies offer a six-month lease and a one-year lease. In addition to this, they also offer the option of a lease transfer so you can get a lease for less than a month but it won’t be for a new car, rather one that someone else has already leased and transferred to you.

Can I Lease A Car for 3 Months?

Most companies offer two years as the shortest-term lease available. However, you can avail of a three-month lease by taking over someone else’s lease when it has three months left to completion. This is the most common way for someone to access a car lease for short amounts of time.

Can I lease a car for 12 months?

Yes, you can find leasing companies that offer a one-year car lease to their customers. They are becoming increasingly popular because of the convenience of this duration and because most customers find it better for a year-long lease rather than a lengthier one.

What Is The Best Length Of Time To Lease A Car?

Most long-term leases fall between two to three years and short-term leases are offered for up to a year to two years. The best duration to rent a car is between three years as the longer you lease it for, the lower the monthly payment becomes. However, short-term leasing is most convenient and much more flexible. At the end of the day, the best duration to lease a car depends on what you, as a customer require. No matter what your needs are, multiple companies can find a way to get you what you need in terms of long or short-term car leasing.

What Do I Do If I Need A Car For 6 Months In The UK?

Whether you have a temporary job assignment in another city of the United Kingdom or are waiting to buy a car that hasn’t yet become available, getting a temporary means of convenience is the best option for you. If you are thinking what do I do if I need a car for 6 months?’ we have the right answer for you. 

Regardless of your financial situation, you can easily get a car for an average of 6 months or any short term preferable to you, in the UK, even if you have little to no credit history.


What is Short Term Car Leasing?

When you require a car for a short period, such as a few hours or half a day, a short-term rental is ideal for your needs.

When you are renting a car for a few days or weeks, going through a rental company is ideal. However, this changes if you wish to rent the car for a few months as all companies have different policies regarding the vehicle.

A short-term lease or renting a vehicle long-term can work for one, three, or over six months, depending on your preference. It doesn’t bind you to any long-term commitment and you have the flexibility to change or cancel at any stage throughout.

The automobile services provide a simple approach of choosing a car, leasing it for the said duration, and then returning it safely. The best part is that if you wish to extend the duration of your lease, it can be altered easily by the provider. 


Renting a Car for 6 Months in the UK

Referring back to the question of ‘what do I do if I need a car for 6 months in the UK?’ the answer lies in getting a six-month lease on a car without getting into any sort of long-term lease. This is further incentivised if you are living in the UK and require an affordable car to travel around. 

Whether you need a car for office use or business travel, you are in luck because you can get anything from a Toyota or a Kia, to a BMW or a Mercedes, all with affordable personal and commercial deals available.


How Does the Long-Term Car Rental Process Work?

Leasing a car for six months in the UK is a fairly easy process and doesn’t have any complications. 

  1. The first step in getting your car is to get a quote from the company regarding your preferred vehicles, the duration of your lease, and the monthly mileage.
  2. Second, submit the required documents to the long-term car rental company; driving license, credit rating, and a form of identification. 
  3. After this, all you need to do is negotiate and sign the agreed deal with your provider to work through your monthly payment procedure and you are good to go.

After you come to the end of your agreement, all you have to do is return the undamaged car to end the deal. It is simple, doable, and lacks the complexities associated with leasing a vehicle in the UK.

A few important things to check are that the vehicle must:

  • Be registered with DVLA. [1]
  • Have an up-to-date vehicle tax. [2]
  • Have a current MOT certificate, if needed.
  • Be roadworthy. [3]

The vehicle must also have a minimum of third-party insurance that covers your use of the vehicle.


What Happens If A Car Sits For Six Months? 

If you have rented a car and it is sitting unused for six months, then you will risk the battery getting drained or the fuel tank beginning to rust due to the neglect. You should start your rented car and drive it around daily, even if it is for a short time so that you prevent any sort of degradation, which will come under the ‘damage’ done to the leased vehicle when it is returned.


Can I Lease A Car For Six Months?

Yes, it is very easy to lease a car for six months. Though it is uncommon, several services in the UK offer short-term leases, so you can lease a car for six months without any sort of long-term commitment. It has also proved to be an economical option for anyone asking the question ‘what do I do if I need a car for 6 months in the UK?’


What does long-term car rental include?

There are several benefits included in a long term car rental in the UK that make the deal worth going for, such as:  

  • UK Wide Delivery.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Maintenance Charges.
  • Road Tax.
  • Flexible Lease Terms.
  • No Deposit in certain Deals.
  • No Credit Checks in certain Deals.
  • 24 Hour Emergency Assistance and Customer Service.


Special Deals and Typical Prices of Long Term Car Rental Options

The price of a lease differs with each car and model, but here are a few offers that can get you a compact car such as The Fiat 500 for nearly £259.99 a month. 

A premium SUV, such as the Skoda KODIAQ SUV would cost you a minimum of £549.99 per month. 

The Lexus NX300H, Renault Zoe 100KW, and Toyota Aygo can be leased between £379.95 and £599.95 if you get them here. 

If you don’t have the best credit and would prefer to get a lease without a credit check, then you can choose from multiple deals without having to worry about any credit-concerned inconvenience. 


Should I Buy A Car For Six Months?

Nothing stops you from buying a car for six months instead of renting it. However, it would be better for you to opt for a cheaper, used car instead of a new one, as it would be less expensive to sell afterward due to a reduced rate of depreciation. It is also important for you to be aware of any scams that are associated with purchasing a used car, so make sure that you buy a usable one and test drive it before you make the deal. 

Additionally, it is not guaranteed that you can sell the car after six months, so rethink making a semi-permanent decision like this.


What To Do If I Need A Car For A Few Months?

If you need a car for only a few months, you can lease it or buy a cheaper, used model. However, buying one doesn’t guarantee that selling it would be easy later on, so it is best to aim for short-term leasing.



  1. Vehicle Registration. gov.uk. www.gov.uk
  2. Tax your vehicle. gov.uk. www.gov.uk
  3. Check your vehicle is safe to drive. gov.uk. www.gov.uk

Can I Rent a Car Through My Business? Advantages / Disadvantages

Every successful business requires multiple vehicles to get around, as cabs and other local means waste a lot of valuable time. One of the best ways to get to meetings and other work-related tasks done on time is by renting a car through your business. 

Though it is a common solution for major companies, one of the primary disadvantages to this is that the car contract would name the company as the owner of the vehicle, not the individual.

One of the first questions that come to mind when renting a car is can I rent a car through my business? The answer to this question is yes, you can rent a car through your company, it is a great way to offset against profits, for one thing, and can also help with the vehicle’s insurance coverage. Keep reading this article to find out the best ways to rent a car through your business. 


Can You Rent a Car Through Your Business?

Yes, you can rent a car through your business and it is often the preferred way for most businesses as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. 


Renting a Car Through your Business

Business owners often find it difficult to choose between buying a company car and leasing/renting one for their company. 

Renting a car through your business is usually referred to as car leasing or contract hire. This means that you lease a car for a fixed term, usually two to three years, and pay for it every month. This agreement can be reached through the company and on an individual basis, too.

You or the company do not own the rented car; hence, at the end of the term, you can either renew the lease for the same amount of time or return the vehicle, undamaged and in good condition. 

However, if you do not require a car for your company all the time then hiring it occasionally, for a business trip or a holiday could work well instead. 

Advantages of Renting A Car Through Your Business

The decision to lease a car through your business is usually a smart one for multiple reasons. Some of them are:

  • Availability of corporate rates or better deals for business users.
  • The tax you have to pay on these rental cars is less than personal car tax.
  • If you decide to rent vans or pick-ups through your business, you pay a fixed car-tax rate.
  • There is no risk of depreciation. Over time with constant use, vehicles typically lose 60% of their value, however, by renting a car; that risk is taken up by the car rental agency.
  • You can change cars regularly, benefiting from improved standards and safety. 


Can I Hire a Car Through My Limited Company?

You can hire a car through your limited company or individually but you cannot avoid company car tax. The greatest advantages is offsetting your VAT liability on car payments.


How to Lease a Car through Your Business?

The process of leasing a car through your business is relatively straightforward but there are a few steps involved to make the progression smooth. 

The first step is to consider all of your business needs and what you require from a vehicle. 

  1. After choosing your desired vehicle, you fill out a form with official details and draft the intricacies of the payment.
  2. Make sure to bring all your business documents along with you to the dealership to demonstrate your credit rating. The dealership will also require your finances and a recent balance sheet to ensure the safety of their vehicle and your ability to make lease payments on time.
  3. The dealership will ask you to make the payment to secure the vehicle and you will be allotted a registration number. 
  4. When all the documents are signed and a payment method is set up, you are ready to take the rented car with you. 

Be sure to choose a car dealership that works with commercial customers. These dealerships provide the best deals for business owners and it’s a much easier process. 

Dealerships that specialise in commercial car leasing know more about the demands of their clients and can better help you in choosing a mutually beneficial rental agreement.


How Can I Get a Car Through My Business?

Renting a car through your business is very similar to renting a car in your name. The only noteworthy difference is that through renting a car for your business, you name the company as the owner of your chosen vehicle, not yourself. This means that the rental documents will be signed under the company name, even if you have control of the car. 


Is Renting a Car a Business Expense?

Once you rent a car through your business, the monthly payments that the lease requires can be defined as a business expense. This allows you to claim a percentage of VAT, depending on the rate of the business and the level of personal use gained from the rented vehicle.

If you are a business owner looking to lease a car through your business, look no further! RAM Automotive is one of the biggest car rental agencies in the UK and deals with commercial customers. We provide you with the best deals and vehicles that cater perfectly to your business needs. We make sure that both our clients and our business reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Contact us at http://ramautomotive.co.uk/ for booking and more details. 

How Can I Lease With Bad Credit?

Have you recently pulled yourself out after a terrible downfall in credit? Are you having trouble leasing a car due to bad credit? If you have experienced problems due to a low credit score or a poor credit history, don’t worry. Bad credit doesn’t have to prevent you from getting a leased car! 


Yes, you can lease a car with poor credit history in the UK without worrying about getting rejected by the provider. Read along to find out how the process is carried out.

How Can I Lease a Car with Bad Credit?

Like normal car leasing, you can lease a car with bad credit in the same way. The process is quite simple, keeping in mind the ease of booking one through the company’s website. Fill in the details required in the application form and submit it for the company to perform a short credit check.


For companies that consider credit scores as important, having a score of 600 or more increases the chances of your car lease approval. If you are aware you have a poor credit rating, let your car rental provider know this ahead of time, so they can do their best to bring you options that suit your situation.


Bad Credit Car Leasing in the UK

Bad credit shouldn’t stop you from driving a car to work, shopping, or any other place you wish to travel. There are multiple car rental agencies across the UK, some of which will lease you a car without scoring your credit.


Most companies, however, will perform a credit check on you to make sure that you will be able to pay back the monthly lease of the car that you hire.

About Bad Credit Van Leasing

Similar to car leasing, you can lease a van with bad credit in the UK. Keep in mind that your options might be limited as compared to the individuals with a higher credit score, but that doesn’t mean you can’t drive the van that you wish to.


Personal Car Leasing For People with Poor Credit

If you are wondering how you’ve ended up with poor credit, it is because you might have delayed certain lease payments or missed them with another leasing or rental company. Or had a recent bankruptcy, which directly impacts your credit history.


It isn’t permanent and will not stop you from leasing or renting in the future. Companies today, give due respect to people who are trying to get up on their feet again and are willing to lease a car to people with a bad credit history, only if their current record shows signs of improvement.


Corporate Car Leasing With Poor Credit

Corporate Car/van leasing options for companies with bad credit are also available in the UK. You might have to look over some rental agencies, may have to compromise on used or older vehicles, but you will find a good fit for your requirements.


To ensure that you will pay back the prefixed monthly lease, the leasing company may ask to look over some of your financial statements to know if you are worth the risk. Don’t fret! The check is for their safety and not to judge you in your hard times.

Bad Credit Leasing Contracts

Giving confidence to the people or businesses with poor credit, is essential. Leasing companies have to report to lenders, who are often looking to support startups and small businesses. This makes it easier for the corporate leasing personnel.

With so many leasing companies, finding the best agency to rent your car with bad credit becomes a bit of a hassle. This is where you are in luck! We have the best rental agency that will not only make your rental experience smooth but also stress-free.


RAM Automotive: Why Choose Car Lease and Go?

Worried about your credit score? Well, you have found the right place to lease your car even with a bad credit history. RAM automotive offer various car options for you to choose from according to your budget and affordability.


With a prefixed monthly lease, you will know what you have to pay at the end of each month. We assure you, there are no hidden charges associated with any of our car leasing deals. 


However, keep in mind that we do perform a light credit check to make sure that you aren’t bankrupt currently and will be able to pay off the monthly payment easily.

Got Bad Credit? No Problem We Can Help. We Offer Excellent Bad Credit Leasing Deals, Contact 01442 793 124.


Frequently Asked Questions About Leasing a Car with Bad Credit

  • Can you lease a car with a 500 credit score?

You may least a car wih a 500 credit score, however the recommended industry average is 600 or higher. Having a positive credit score of 650 or more increases your chances to get your lease approved faster. However, each dealer has a different credit value at which they approve or decline the leasing request. You can even choose a rental company that doesn’t score your financial credits to avoid any troubles.

  • What kind of credit score is needed to lease a car?

Typically a credit score of 600 is needed to lease a car in the UK. However, each provider offes different terms, so check in more detail with your chosen provider first. Depending on your selected leasing agency, you can get clear information about the credit score requirement. Commonly, having a higher score has a positive impact on your lease request.

  • Is it easier to get a lease with bad credit?

It is not easier to get a lease with bad credit if compared to someone with a good credit rating. Having bad credit doesn’t mean you can’t lease a car or van though; however, your options might be limited. As the leasing company may see you as a potential risk, you have to prove that your bankruptcy period is over and you are now employed.

  • Is it better to lease or finance with bad credit?

It is generally better to lease a car with bad credit, rather than finance. Having poor credit reduces your chances of getting a loan from any bank or lender as they doubt your ability to pay it back. In times with bad credit, it is easier to lease a car than finance it as leasing companies have lesser risk associated as compared to a bank.


Can I hire a car long term in the UK? | RAM Automotive

Are you sick of public transportation and would like to rent a car that is both affordable and spacious? 

Hire a car for 3 months or more to avail the best rates and packages. Wondering how to hire a car long-term in the UK? Read along as we discuss all the key points of the renting process.


How Long Can I Hire A Car?

Typical long-term car hire is for 3 months to 18 months. Most companies offer an option to extend your contract without any additional charges. 

Just Add Fuel 

For long-term car rentals, you have to just add fuel and pay monthly rent and you are good to go.

However, rentals of more than 12 months do not typically cover maintenance and other costs.


What are the Documents Required to Rent a Car Long Term?

Long-Term Corporate and Daily Rentals

Hiring a car on a long-term corporate rental or a daily rental, you are required to submit a set of documents to prove your legitimacy. These documents are necessary for performing a credit check to ensure that your current financial position allows you to afford the car you are planning to rent.

These documents include:

  • Your driver’s license;
  • Credit/debit card;
  • A valid ID.


Business Owners and Fleet Managers

It is essential to submit proof from the company’s financial statements to confirm their ability to pay the rent of the long-term car hire. Keep in mind that different rental companies have different criteria, so you might require additional documents. At RAM Automotive, we make the process as simple as possible to get you on the road as quickly as possible.


How Long Does It Take to Approve the Request?

Once you have submitted your application, the company performs a thorough credit check on your documents to make sure you can afford the charges, this can be as quick as 7 days. This time is often called the lead time.

Are you wondering whether the company scores each candidate, and can I hire a car long-term with a relatively lower income? Don’t fret! Most companies don’t credit rank, and the check is just for their safety.


When Will the Car Be Arranged?

Once your request has been approved, and a credit check has been performed, you can expect to get your hands on your desired car within one or two weeks. 


Always On Hand

Some of the cars are always on hand, and you can hire the car for a long term as soon as possible.


Best Deals for Long Term Car Hire in the UK

Hiring a car for the long term is a big investment. It is essential to choose a company that offers the most flexible contract terms, affordable options, and no hidden charges. RAM Automotive is one of the leading cars and van rental companies in the UK that stocks all popular brands. With the ease to end or extend your rental contract, they offer the best rates and do not allot credit scores on your financials.


Some of the best deals that you should steal are:

  • Compact: BMW 118i M Sport 5dr Step Auto starting from £460;
  • Standard: VOLKSWAGEN GOLF HATCHBACK 1.5 TSI EVO 150 match 5dr DSG starting from £460;
  • Economy: Renault Clio 1.3 TCE (130 BHP) RS LINE TRIM starting from £299;
  • Hybrid: VOLVO XC40 ESTATE 1.5 T5 (262) hybrid inscription 5dr Geartronic starting from £590;
  • Premium: Audi A4 SALOON 35 TF SI Black Edition 4dr S Tronic starting from £637.

**All prices are exclusive of VAT

 Want to hire a car for the long term? Call our representatives on 01442 793 124 today!


Frequently Asked Questions – Hiring a Car Long Term

  • Is it cheaper to rent a car long-term?

Yes, it is cheaper to rent a car long-term as it reduces the daily costs and so offers a better price overall. Cars are covered by warranty and road license funds.

  • Can I lease a car for 6 months?

Yes, you can lease a car for 3 months up to 18 months from RAM Automotive. Brand new cars, excellent mileage, and flexible contract terms make your car rental experience smooth and hassle-free.

  • What happens if you keep a rental car too long?

If you keep a rental car longer than the decided period, you will have to pay an additional fee for it. However, if you plan on keeping your rental contract for a couple of months, do inform your rental company beforehand and get your contract extended.

  • Who has the best long-term car rental rates?

Popular rental companies don’t offer perks and flexibility. If you are looking for an affordable, flexible, and hassle-free experience, get your long-term rental car from RAM Automotive.

6-month car rentals in the UK | How does it work

Wish to end your car troubles for the next 6 months? Follow our guide and learn everything before you get yourself a 6-month car rental deal in the UK.


When Should I Rent a Car For 6 Months?

There are endless options when it comes to renting a car: time duration, car models, and most importantly, the freedom to choose a rental company. But, have you ever wondered why it is best to rent a car for 6 months?

Here is how getting a 6-month car rental is the right decision for both your business and personal needs.


Business Car Leasing

  • To meet your employee’s transport needs, renting a car for 6 months is a better and more cost-effective option when compared to buying a new car.
  • If you are unable to share your credit profile with a bank to buy a car on a lease, we suggest you hire a car long-term, i.e., for 6 months till you stabilise your finances.

Personal Car Leasing

  • Recently promoted? Still can afford to buy a car directly? Lease a car for your personal use to make a statement and save your daily public transport fare.
  • Relocating for a couple of months? Get yourself a 6-month car rental in the UK. Do not worry if you aren’t planning to stay for 6 months, you can always end the contract early.
  • You can switch your vehicle according to the season. Rent a convertible for the summer months and a 4×4 for the winters.


Are 6 Months Car Rentals Available In the UK?

Long-term car hires are very common in the UK. Different rental companies offer various packages ranging from 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and 18-month car rentals. Depending on your requirements, you can alter or extend your contract with the company as per their policy.


What are the Benefits of 6-Month Car Rentals?

6 months is not a very long period but renting a car for 6 months is quite easy on the pocket. Here is why it is better to rent a car for 6 months rather than buying a car or renting monthly.


Cheap Car Leasing

6-month car rentals are relatively cheaper as compared to monthly or 3-month car rentals. These rentals cover the maintenance costs and are mostly covered by insurance as well. Simply pay a minimal prefixed monthly fee and enjoy your brand-new car without breaking your bank account.



Most companies in the UK cover car insurance for 3-month or 6-month car rentals. This takes away the worry of covering the costs in case of an accident. Another benefit of hiring a car for 6 months is that the car or van is under its manufacturer’s warranty period. So you do not need to pay the bills if there is any problem, just call your rental company and get the car fixed or replaced.


Car Leasing Made Simple

With an ever-increasing demand for rental cars today, the authorities have stepped in to regulate the market in the best interests of the consumers. Competition and Market Authority (CMA) regulates the markets for the European Union (EU) and until recently, the United Kingdom (UK) has formulated a new set of regulations that have forced the rental companies to improve their services.


Latest News – Long Term Car Rental

The senior director of CMA has asked all the rental companies to improve the transparency in their systems while catering to an online booking. The Director has ordered the market to improve the quality of information that is given to the customer pre- and post-rental. This information includes the insurance details, vehicle inspection details, and any notification or history of the car that might be relevant to the lessee.

These notable improvements have made the rental car industry more reliable and trustworthy. If you had any doubts before, do not worry as car rentals are now regulated more than ever, thus, working in the best interest of the customers.


How Does It Work?

Hiring a car in the UK is not a very difficult process as there are millions of people driving a rented car daily. Now, with the ease of online bookings, the process has become much simpler and straightforward.


View the cars offered by the different rental companies and shortlist the one that fits your needs best. Fill in the form available on the company’s website with all the required details. You may have to attach a scanned copy of your national identity card, driver’s license, or both for insurance purposes.


Note that this information can be used to perform a credit check on you.

Just follow these simple steps and get your rental car within two weeks of approval. If you need the car earlier, inform your rental company beforehand so they can provide you with what is available. Select a company that arranges the car within a day or two!


Special Offers from RAM Automotive

RAM Automotive is one of the leading long-term car rental companies in the UK. With a variety of popular brands in stock, you can get yourself a 6-month car rental or even longer at unbeatable rates. Our contracts are highly flexible and we consider our customer’s needs and satisfaction our top priority.


Our fast service and no hidden charges make us the perfect choice for all your car rental needs. Select a car from the available brands and models, or let us know what you prefer to drive – we will make sure we arrange that for you.


Contact our team, request a quote, and get your brand-new 6-month rental car within 2 weeks only.


Still Unsure?

Read our article about “Can I hire a car long term in the UK?” it goes through all information that you need to provide and includes pricing on some of our latest offers. We like to inform our clients to empower them to make the right decision before moving ahead with any long-term car rental in the United Kingdom.


Frequently Asked Questions – 6 Month Car Rental in the UK

1- Can you rent a car for 6 months in the UK?

Yes, you can find many companies offering 6-month car rental options in the UK. Some of the leading car rentals do not even require a credit check on 6-month car rentals and offer extremely attractive rates.


2- Can I lease a car for 6 months?

Yes, short term lease is available for 6 months in the UK. You can lease a car for a short term for up to 18 months in the UK. Best deals are available at RAM Automotive – the leading car rental company in the UK today.


3- Can I rent or lease a car for 3 months?

Yes, you can rent or lease a car for 3 months in the UK. Some companies consider up to 24 months as a short-term lease period, whereas others consider 36 months in short term lease. Most companies allow the customers to extend their contract on completion of the decided period if needed.


4- Can you hire a car for 3 months?

Yes, you can hire a car long-term for 3 months up to 18 months in the UK. Some rental companies offer flexible contract terms that can be extended on request. With extremely affordable rental rates in town, RAM Automotive offers the best rental services in the country.


5 – Can I lease a car with a bad credit rating?

Yes, it is possible to lease a car with bad credit. We explore the options you have available and the necessary things to consider in a separate article. Leasing a car with bad credit is possible from certain providers and although it may be more difficult, it is not impossible.

Comparison Long-term and Short-term Car Hire

If you can’t afford to buy a car right now, there are so many alternatives to this huge investment that you can avail yourself of easily. RAM Automotive is one of the leading long-term car rental companies in the UK that provides you with a ready solution to all your mobility problems with the most flexible terms and conditions.


But do you know which option is best for you right now? Short-term car hire or a long-term contract? Read along as we discuss both options to help you make the right decision. 


Benefits of Short-term Car Hire

Short-term car hires have their set of perks and benefits. To guide you in making the right choice, we have prepared a list of benefits for you to explore.  


Switch Cars 

Freedom to drive a new car every day or every week is a luxury but a convenient one. Adjusting yourself to a car with new features is not always easy. However, if you prefer getting a car only on days that you need to, daily car rentals are the way to go. Many providers offer home delivery and pick up, such as Europcar for example.


Saves Time 

If you are in the city for just a couple of days, getting yourself a daily car rental will save you a lot of time and energy. You will be free to drive anywhere you wish to go without having to worry about public transportation or taxis. This option is feasible for travelers and daily users only. 


If you are living in the city and plan to rent a car for at least a couple of months, we have the right option for you, read along as we discuss how a short-term car rental might not be the most financially viable option for you.


Long-Term Car Hire

When you are sure of the vehicle you wish to use for the next couple of months or even more than a year, get yourself a long-term car hire contract. Long-term rentals are typically cheaper and stress-free as you are free to select and change cars. 


It is the ideal scenario for people visiting a town or city for 3 months or more. To look at the benefits of hiring a long-term car rental, the list is long, so let’s have a look at each element. 


Benefits of Long-term Car Hire

Long-term car hire and short-term car hire are just the two ways of renting a car for a duration of anywhere from 1 day to 18 months. Both for business clients and individual customers, this option is much more feasible and affordable as compared to the daily or weekly rental, also known as the short-term car hire. 



Short-term car hire prices typically start from as little as £10 per day. Renting a car can prove to be a cheaper option when compared to locking your savings in buying a car. But for a hard worker, you must choose a less costly yet practical option, i.e. long-term car hire.


Long-term car hires are cheaper than daily and weekly hires, and with RAM Automotive, you can get your hands on the latest cars from popular brands. We offer flexible contracts that you can cancel or renew anytime without incurring additional charges. To help you have a stress-free rental period, our team is always available to guide you. 


Road Funding License 

Manufacturing warranty and cost coverage are the two factors that will let you have a peaceful time driving your favorite car from RAM Automotive. We cover all types of costs associated with road licenses for contracts up to 12 months. Insurance, however, is not included, but all our vehicles are under warranty. 


Switch Cars

Have you been promoted recently, or had a great year in your business? If you plan to treat yourself by improving your car, then consider a long-term rental option, that will give you the car you want, for small monthly payments? RAM Automotive is here to cater to all your requirements. You can choose to upgrade your vehicle at the end of your contract and enjoy your new ride. We deliver the car to you within as little as 2 weeks. 


Warranty Included

Our long-term car hires include vehicles that are under their warranty period. The cars are a maximum of 18 months old. This is a huge benefit, as it ends most of your worries while hiring a car and helps you enjoy the ride fully. Getting to drive almost brand new cars gives you a sense of satisfaction and can boost your confidence at that next big business meeting. 


Which Is Better – Long-term Car Hire or Short-term Car Hire? 

The length of time that you need a vehicle will determine whether a long-term or short-term car hire is better suited to your needs. After reading the blog, we are sure you will agree that long-term care hires are not only affordable but also convenient. The only attraction of hiring a car for the short term is getting to drive a new car on a more regular basis, but when hiring a car with RAM Automotive, you are free to switch your car – either an upgrade or a downgrade – with just a 30-day notice. 


With more contract flexibility and no hidden or cancellation charges, you can rent a car any time and enjoy your travels with family or friends. Our packages include the latest compact and hybrid cars that too from popular brands in the UK. 


At the end of the contract, you are free to renew your agreement for additional months, even switch your car to a better one, or just hand back the keys. 


A Short Term Car Hire Could Be For You

Short-term car hires are either daily or weekly rental contracts. As appealing as it sounds, driving a new car every week is not a feasible option for most of us. Let’s dive into the benefits of short-term car hire before making a final decision.


Benefits of Short-term Car Leasing 

Short-term leasing has a duration of 3 to 18 months. However, there are two variations: short-term car hire which means typically daily or weekly rentals, and long-term car hire that has a duration of 3-18 months. Before going into the benefits of each, let’s just weigh up the benefits of leasing overall. 


Popular Brands 

When leasing with RAM Automotive, you have the freedom to choose the cars from various popular brands with different mileages. The leading brands that you can hire from us include Audi, BMW, Kia, Ford, Mercedes, Renault, Citroen, Volkswagen, and many more. All our cars are brand new or almost new – a maximum of 18 months old – that too depends on your initial rental terms with us. 


No Hidden Charges

Our short-term car lease offers have a fixed monthly rental rate that you will pay, along with a very low upfront payment, in the beginning. There are no charges on cancellation of the contract, although you need to give a 30-day notice beforehand. The road tax license costs, the breakdown cover, and the manufacturer’s warranty are all covered by RAM Automotive for the contracts up to 12 months. Other than that, there are no hidden charges on any car rental services being offered. 



Getting a car, even leasing one is a big step. Choosing a car rental that gives you space and flexibility to choose the vehicle based on your budget and preferences, along with the no hidden charges, is hard to find. The option to extend your lease program, renew the contract or even change your vehicle is also available with us to make your experience truly hassle-free. 


What Does RAM Automotive Do? 

Whether you need to rent a car for business purposes or private use, we have the best car rental options offering the ease to cancel a contract with a 30-day notice. To support our customers to the fullest, RAM covers the service costs of the road funds license as well. 


Our rental cars can be hired for 3 months to a maximum of 18 months. Depending on your preference and need, you can decide the number of months that you want to rent the car. However, before you do so, we suggest that you first have a look at the pros and cons of short-term leasing as compared to buying a car or leasing it for more than 2 years, i.e. long-term leasing.  


People Also Ask
  • Can you lease a car for 3 months?

Yes, you can lease a car for a period of 3 months. Our leasing contracts vary from 3-18 months with no early cancellation fee and maintenance cost coverage for the short-term car hire.  


  • What is the shortest auto lease available?

The shortest car lease deals are available for 3 months and the longest is for 18 months. You can find a car leasing company that offers flexibility in car selection and mileage preference according to your budget and requirements.


  • Is Zipcar cheaper than renting a car?

Zipcar is a daily rental option that will not be an affordable choice if you plan to keep the car for longer than one month. We suggest you save your money and hire/rent a car for months from a reliable company in the UK.


  • Can you lease a car for one month?

Yes, you can leave a car for one month. For customers who plan to hire a car for a month or a little over a month, we have some very practical options for you from popular brands such as Ford, Mercedes, BMW, and many more.